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The Neighbourhood Team have been consistently out and about on High Visibility foot patrols in the Towns and villages over December and the Christmas period. Now the schools have gone back we are doing additional work about keeping safe in the darker evenings and to ensure they are dressed for the weather. We will be starting 2017 like we finished 2016 - continuing to address the concerns over parking near schools. This is a good opportunity to remind parents that we are not parking attendants but we will issue parking tickets to those parents parking dangerously, particularly those who think in the bad weather they can abandoned their cars just to save themselves getting wet! We are there to keep children and parents safe and every school is visited so there is no excuse for parking badly.

Instances of Anti-Social behaviour have been at a very low level throughout the Neighbourhood over the last month but we are specifically targeting areas in Bampton to ensure all calls  have been quickly dealt with by the team and issues have not returned but we will always monitor changes. We have also been completing our core 'Have your say' meetings which consistently have good attendance of residents to come and speak with us about any concerns. Please keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events over the winter months as the advice we give particularly on crime prevention can be seasonal. We are always happy for people to come and speak with us we are keen to know any concerns.

The team have been out numerous times with the Speed Indicator Device again. The device measures the speed that drivers are going down a particular road. Whilst tickets are not issued due to the results, letters are sent out to offending motorists. In addition to this the results gives the team good data to pass over to our roads policing colleagues who will, if deemed appropriate, carry out some structured and frequent speed enforcement. There are multiple sites that have been identified by the team and many tickets have been issued with roads policing carrying out targeted and frequent enforcement which has shown excellent results. You have been warned - road safety in our area is always a priority and we will take reports very seriously. Some new sites are also being identified for Community Speed watch and the team have also conducted many “roadside education” sessions for drivers caught in our area.

There has been a handful of 'Burglary Non-Dwellings' in the area during the month - be assured these are being dealt with very robustly. The burglaries have centred around work premises and garden sheds. We know that whilst it is easy to leave your equipment out whilst in the house, opportunistic theft only takes seconds so always move your valuable items like petrol machinery back into a secure place. Ideally chain items like this together and invest in a good lock and security light. As you may be using your equipment less and the evenings are drawing in it would be a great time to ensure outside lights and locks are in good working order.

The Neighbourhood watch scheme in Bampton is also very active and has shown excellent results with the public reporting suspicious incidents that we have been able to deal with quickly. Check the website for further details or come and see us at any of our events. Lastly we would like to wish everyone a Happy and restful New Year.

PCSO Colin Davies

Carterton Police Station

101 Non Emergency or extension 3952 at Carterton. Asking to speak with me will always result in a message being sent and I will get back to you.